Profiles in "Evaluation in Education" Expertise Area

  • Stanley Zucker's area of expertise is special education with a specific focus on autism, intellectual disability, and other developmental disabilities.
  • Wilhelmina C. Savenye's interests include instructional design, evaluation, online and digital learning, engineering education, use of technology for learning, mentoring and informal learning.
  • Eugene Judson has broad experience in science education, educational policy, and school improvement. His research focuses on educational policies and their effects on STEM education in K-12 and higher education environments.
  • Clarin works in the Office of Scholarship and Innovation in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, facilitating interdisciplinary connections and providing resources and supports for faculty research.
  • Macchi is a Clinical Professor in the Integrated Behavioral Health Program and Chair of Internship Programs.
  • Scott Marley’s research strands focus on two areas: instructional strategies with external representations from a cognitive perspective, and higher ed topics related to student achievement and persistence.
  • Maria Teresa Tatto is the Southwest Borderlands Professor of Comparative Education and professor in the Division of Educational Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University. She directs the MEd in Global Education.