Profiles in "Informal Learning Environments" Expertise Area

  • Gary Bitter has researched emerging technologies for the last 50 years. He is interested in any approach that attempts to determine the feasibility of m-learning throughout education.
  • Elisabeth Gee's recent research includes an investigation of game design as a means of promoting design thinking among children and families and a study of Mexican-American families' use of digital media for learning.
  • Molina Walters is the program coordinator for the Environmental Education Program of Distinction Certificate and the developer of numerous science professional development opportunities.
  • Jordan teaches context-centered electrical engineering and embedded systems design courses and studies the use of context in both K-12 and undergraduate engineering design education.
  • Steve Zuiker's research explores how to design activities, resources, and projects that interconnect classrooms and schoolyards, real-world settings and digital video games, and ultimately, educational practice and research.
  • Knierman teaches astronomy and studies star formation in the tidal tails of merging galaxies using multiwavelength observations.