Profiles in "International Education and Development" Expertise Area

  • Samuel DiGangi's research focuses on the learning technologies of social and academic behavior, including development, evaluation, and refinement of evidence-based techniques for use by teachers, parents and practitioners.
  • Kathleen Puckett's contributions to educational research are centered around access to and success in the general education curriculum for students with disabilities
  • Kyle Messner's work focuses on the AEPA test preparation and remedial classes and she has conducted multiple workshops both in rural and urban settings.
  • Gustavo Fischman works to promote more engaging, responsive and usable educational research oriented to the elimination of educational and social inequalities.
  • Peter Rillero's interests focus on science education and include deep conceptual learning, problem-based learning, inquiry, teacher education, program evaluation, international education, and the history of science education.
  • Jane Legacy is interested in examining the attrition and retention of students in a technology-based courses using a new course design model, "Labryd".
  • Henry's research interests include: cross-cultural training, expatriate training and preparation, organizational leadership, and the teaching of cultural competencies within higher education.
  • Jessica Hirshorn's mission is to promote intercultural understanding. She achieves this by teaching Organizational Leadership, leading study abroad programs, and teaching Peace Corps Prep.