Profiles in "Computational Modeling" Expertise Area

  • Barton is a complex systems scientist who combines anthropology, archaeology, earth science, and information technologies to study long-term dynamics and interactions of people and landscapes in the Anthropocene.
  • Allen Lee is a computer scientist who builds teams and cyberinfrastructure that support collective action research, complex adaptive systems modeling, and open, reproducible, and reusable computational science.
  • Sanabria studies basic behavioral and cognitive processes underlying behavioral regulation in various species, and applies this research to the study of psychiatric disorders.
  • Greg Stone's research interests include artificial neural networks, word recognition, mathematical modeling, and theoretical methods.
  • Vivoni researches modeling of watershed processes, eco-hydrology and hydro-meteorology of semiarid regions, environmental sensing technologies applications, climate and land use change impacts and stakeholder engagement.
  • Werner J.A. Dahm has since 2010 been the ASU Foundation Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, and also Professor Emeritus of Engineering at the University of Michigan where served for the previous 25 years.
  • Spiro Maroulis is a computational social scientist with a particular focus on public administration, public policy, innovation, and social networks.
  • Strong in biomath/biostats/ML/AI/neuroimage/AD methodology research. Dr. Chen has >600 papers w/ h-index 109 in Google scholar and 93 in ResearchGate. ranks him in Medicine 6741 worldwide and 3663 in US, 2024
  • Professor Aukes studies the nexus between design, manufacturing, robotics, and dynamic systems. His robots focus on affordable design techniques, compliance, flexibility, and mechanism design techniques inspired by origami.