Profiles in "English" Expertise Area

  • Cynthia Padavano is an Instructional Designer with EdPlus's Instructional Design and New Media team. She is working with the Masters of Computer Science online program but has been a part of ASU since 2014.
  • Berry's research interests include creative writing, professional and technical writing, editing, and branding/social media. She holds an MPW in Creative Nonfiction and Memoir.
  • In addition to teaching First-Year Writing, Duerden also enjoys teaching Writing About Literature for nonmajors, which ties into her own interest in contemporary British fiction.
  • Eshleman has taught at ASU since 1994 in the areas of Art History, English, Liberal Studies,and Interdisciplinary Studies. Her research and teaching interests include sacred place and pilgrimage, and encounter and hybridity.
  • Dana Tait studies 19th century British literature. She also teaches composition courses, including 100- and 200-level academic, analytical and reflective writing.
  • Umar has been teaching Arabic and English for 18 years and his research interest is the interplay between Syntax and Semantics in English and Arabic. He is currently researching Adverbial ordering in varieties of Arabic.