Profiles in "Food Sovereignty" Expertise Area

  • Arina Melkozernova is an instructional professional and a PhD Candidate at ASU. Her research on foodways, biosemiotics and resilience brings Humanities, art, science, and non-Western knowledges together.
  • Adamson is President's Professor of environmental humanities and English and Director of the Environmental Humanities Initiative (EHI) & BRIDGES Flagship Hub at the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Futures Laboratory at ASU.
  • Vicenti Carpio is a citizen of the Jicarilla Apache Nation and of Laguna and Isleta Pueblo heritage. Current projects explore institutional intersections of Japanese Internment and American Indian urban relocation policy.
  • Mara investigates Irish literature and film. Her second research stream includes research in health humanities and medical rhetoric.
  • Andrea Rissing's research uses diverse qualitative methods to explore US agriculture in a global context. Foci include innerworkings of sustainable food systems, agrarian change, and farmland and livelihood equity.