Profiles in "Child and Adolescent Development" Expertise Area

  • Crnic is a Foundation Professor who researches parent-child interaction, parenting, and family process predictions to emerging behavior problems in young children.
  • Martin is a Cowden Distinguished Prof. Interests include gender development, gender identity, and peer relationships in children and adolescents and the role of gendered relationships in school adjustment and functioning.
  • Hanish studies children's peer relationships; aggression and bullying; and school-related contexts and outcomes.
  • Spinrad's research focuses on the socio-emotional development of young children, particularly the relations of children’s self-regulation abilities to children’s social adjustment.
  • Berkel studies health equity and the dissemination & implementation of evidence-based preventive interventions
  • Dr. Thompson’s research and teaching focus on the development and application of quantitative methods to advance research in human development, the social sciences, and education.
  • Meg Bruening's research interests include public health nutrition promotion and obesity prevention targeted to underserved, vulnerable youth and families.
  • Rankin's scholarship focuses on preventive interventions for children and families, particularly in vulnerable populations.
  • Peter studies the genetic etiologies of disorders of spoken and written language. Her work contributes to the foundations for early identification of children at genetic risk and for proactive interventions.