Profiles in "Substance Abuse" Expertise Area

  • Marsiglia‚Äôs research on cultural diversity and youth substance use is highly influential in the prevention field, and credited with a measurable reduction in drug use and other high-risk behaviors by youth.
  • Neisewander's research contributes to understanding the development and treatment of drug addiction and provides new knowledge of mechanisms involved in emotional processing, and learning and memory.
  • DePinto's primary professional experience has been in school social work and he has more than 30 years of experience working with chemically-dependent adolescents.
  • Dr. Olive 's group is interested in examining how abused drugs affect the brain on a neurobiological level.
  • Dr. Mendoza is an associate professor in the School of Social Work.
  • Michael Todd is a collaborating statistician who works primarily on externally-funded research projects aimed at testing models of psychological well-being, health behaviors, and health outcomes.
  • Wolfersteig, a research associate professor in SIRC's Office of Evaluation and Partner Contracts, works with agency partners to design and perform prevention program evaluations, provide trainings and disseminate findings.
  • Pettigrew's scholarship is dedicated to working alongside community members to produce effective intervention materials that serve youth, families, schools, and society.