Profiles in "Forensic Science" Expertise Area

  • Saks’ research interests focus on empirical studies of law and the legal system, evidence law, the law's use of science, the behavior of the litigation system, and legal policy affecting medical patient safety.
  • Janicek's specialties include crime scene and forensics. Her skills include, but are not limited to, photography, powder processing, DNA collection and specialized chemical knowledge.
  • Dr Kanthaswamy’s research focuses on population and evolutionary genetics and forensic DNA analysis.
  • Neal is assoc prof & Dean's Prof @ Iowa State Univ & editor of PPP&L. At ASU, she was founding director of Future of Forensic Science Initiative, Law & Behavioral Science co-founder, Fulbright Scholar, & Fellow of APS & APA.
  • Gordon applies isotope analysis to study the history of early Earth paleoredox, and human isotope variations, including cancer, metabolism, bone loss, and geographic residence history for forensic purposes.
  • Ken Pomeranz has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience serving San Diego Police, Las Vegas Police, Adams County Sheriff’s (Colorado), Lakewood Police (Colorado) and currently Phoenix Police.
  • Sartorio has taught various subjects with concentration in forensics.