Profiles in "Evolutionary and Population Genetics" Expertise Area

  • Wilson is a computational evolutionary biologist studying sex-biased processes including human and non-human health and disease.
  • Langergraber studies the behavior and genetics of wild chimpanzees.
  • Dr Kanthaswamy’s research focuses on population and evolutionary genetics and forensic DNA analysis.
  • Taylor is a theoretical population geneticist who uses mathematical models to explore evolutionary processes. He is especially interested in the biology of soil mites in the Madrean sky islands of Arizona and Sonora.
  • Ozga is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Center for Evolution & Medicine. He earned his PhD in Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma in 2015 for his dissertation on Viral Metagenomics and Anthropology in the Americas.
  • Susanne Pfeifer is a computational evolutionary biologist who studies genetic and evolutionary processes by combining cutting-edge high-throughput sequence data analysis and model-based statistical inference.
  • Prof. Jensen is a population geneticist who develops theory and statistical methodology for describing and quantifying evolutionary processes in both natural and experimental populations.
  • Lynch's research focuses on mechanisms of evolution at the gene, genomic, cellular, and phenotypic levels, with special attention being given to the roles of mutation, random genetic drift, and recombination.
  • Siford studies the interaction between evolution and culture, working to understand human uniqueness using genetics. She is investigating bonobo mutation rates and human and non human primate pigmentation evolution.