Profiles in "Higher and Postsecondary Education" Expertise Area

  • Ruth's research focuses on structural inequalities faced by historically underserved students within the United States and how those individuals overcome obstacles for upward social mobility.
  • Hobson leads strategic design initiatives and partnerships to solve complex issues in higher education.
  • Professor M. Jeanne Wilcox established the Infant Child Research Laboratory Programs which are focused on developing and testing interventions to improve young children’s learning and developmental outcomes.
  • Gustavo Fischman works to promote more engaging, responsive and usable educational research oriented to the elimination of educational and social inequalities.
  • Dr. Regina Matos serves as one of five Deans of Students at Arizona State University, advancing student success opportunities at the West campus.
  • Works with leadership in the Barrett Dean's office to enhance honors academic operations, curriculum alignment, internships, research and the Online program across all Barrett campuses
  • Maria Hesse teaches graduate courses in higher education for the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at ASU. She served as a university and community college administrator and high school principal over a 45+ year career.