Profiles in "Language and Learning" Expertise Area

  • Gray leads the Child Language and Literacy Laboratory which focuses on how children learn to talk, read and write.
  • Peter studies the genetic etiologies of disorders of spoken and written language. Her work contributes to the foundations for early identification of children at genetic risk and for proactive interventions.
  • Born and raised in France, Chery is a French instructor, a doctoral candidate, and the assistant to the French language and culture in Lyon global education summer program at ASU. She enjoys teaching and learning from her students.
  • Oh has developed the curricula for a sequential first-year, second-year, and fourth-year Korean language program as well as the corresponding materials.
  • Internship coordinator and Spanish instructor at CISA downtown/SILC. Academic and management professional with extensive training and experience in education, research and people development
  • Benitez studies word learning, bilingualism, and cognitive development in infants, children, and adults.